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End block integrated angle scale for magnet bar direction adjustment


High accuracy easy and wide angle adjustment


At DST, we are not only committed to providing innovative solutions for specialty and specific process requirements of magnetron utility, but also to enhancing the operational efficiency and flexibility of our partners. We understand that different production scenarios may require different magnetic adjustments of the magnetic field and direction of the magnetron. That is why we have developed a unique feature that allows our partners to adjust the magnetic direction. So they can not only adjust the magnetic strength, but also can adjust the magnetic angle for each production according to their practical needs with ease and accuracy.


The feature is based on a magnet bar externally integrated angle scale, which is a device that can measure the angle of a magnet bar via a reference direction indicator and a dial scale.  By leveraging on this feature, our partners can align the magnet bar with the desired direction, such as on a certain angle deviations to the upward, or to the downward, to the left or to the right. This can improve the quality and uniformity of the coating process, as well as reduce the waste and energy consumption.


Our innovation is beyond catering to specialty and specific process requirements of magnetron sputter source, we will continue to devote ourselves in helping our partners conquer the challenges during practical operations to achieve their goals.