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External mount Rotary Magnetron Source (side-mount End Block)

This is another sample design of side-mount custom designed End Block by DST
Please consult our distributors for other design of side-mount type of End Block


Rotatable Magnetron Assemblies including:
End block assembly
End support assembly
Rotatable target cylinder (target material to be bonded to)
Magnet bar
Insulation assemblies
Target clamp
Motor(servor moter for option)



We ensure a great cooling effect for target material, water pathway can be 100% fill up, and nearly100% blew down and forced out of the outlet. The cooling paths working as if culvert pipes, which allows the target material to be in a good cooling state in the deposition process, thus increasing the process power. This is technology is especially important for roll2roll web coating or sputtering upwards from bottom.


The shaft seal adopt a special design with specialty compound materials, this can significantly improve the rotation stability of the driving shaft and so the process stability is highly upgrated.


Unique inner power conductivity structure and compound material, help to maintain a stable and low resistance as low as 0.6Ω during the process.  Processing more stable. Product quality rate thus improved.


The bespoken design of water velocity and flow rate can be designed to as big as 80L/min.




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