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Pivotal Magnet Bar Vertical Rotary Magnetron Source

Great cooling effect 100% fill up cold water
High-purity carbon brush, resistance less than 0.6 Ω
Specially designed driving system can greatly improve the motion stability
Target exchange without disassembling the end support assembly


Magnetron sputtering, a physical vapor deposition (PVD) process, is a main thin film deposition method for manufacturing semiconductors, disk storage and touch screen media, architectural and automotive glass, optical devices and an abundant range of other industrial productions. Magnetron sputtering has the advantages of high speed, low temperature, and low damage.


Rotatable Magnetron Assemblies including:
End block assembly
End support assembly
Rotatable target cylinder (target material to be bonded to)
Magnet bar
Insulation assemblies
Target clamp
Motor(servor moter for option)


Why choose DST's Rotary Magnetron?


We ensure a great cooling effect for target material, water pathway can be 100% fill up, and 100% blew down and forced out of the outlet. The cooling paths working as if culvert pipes, which allows the target material to be in a good cooling state in the deposition process, thus increasing the process power. The shaft seal adopt a special design with specialty compound materials, this can significantly improve the rotation stability of the driving shaft and so the process stability is highly upgrated. The special inner conductivity structure is integrated with a conductivity component made of unique compound material, so during the process we can maintain a stable and low resistance as low as 0.6Ω. The excellent conductivity makes sure a more stable process and help avoide unwanted arc sparking which can harm the product quality. Product quality rate thus improved. On the other hand, bespoken design of water velocity and flow rate per requirements, which can be designed to as big as 80L/min.



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