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Planar Rectangular Magnetron Source

Bespoke magnetic field design
Patented anode cold water design
Gas distribution adjustable
Magnetic field strength or balance adjustable

At DST we deliver reliable accurate planar magnetrons to successful equipment makers, leveraging on our disciplined engineers passionate to devote themselves to identify and solve problems, stringent in-house inspection mechanism for quality assurance, a pilot testing chamber systems. When your demands is zero tolerance of leakage, we are the best partner that you can fall your back on. closely monitoring before, during and after each assembly procedures.

The optimized design of composite magnetic circuit, together with the unique magnetic field simulation and analogue analysis, can obtain a high target utilization rate while it can also ensuring an uniform sputtering.


Planar Magnetron Assemblies:
Support assembly
Magnet array
Target material
Insulation assembly
Gas distributon pipes
Water cooling pipes and assemblies
Support legs


Features and benefits of DST Planar Rectangular Magnetron Source:

1. Bespoke magnetic field design, especially good for Ni and Fe;
2. Patented anode cold water design, avoid water leakage, short maintenance time, ensure the cleanliness;
3. Gas distribution adjustable,offset the unevenness due to hardware and process parameters, achieve a comprehensive coating uniformity;
4. Magnetic field strength or balance adjustable, enrich coating process diversity, meet different market demand;



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